Adult Education

Adult Education

Throughout each year opportunities are offered for adult parishioners to continue to develop their faith through education programmes.

These include Scripture Study, Baptism Preparation and Parish Sacramental Preparation Programmes, Network, Alpha, Catholics Returning Home, Advent and Lenten Programmes.
Please consult the newsletter for information about these programmes or phone the parish office.

Scripture Study
Scripture Study

Each year the parish offers the opportunity for study in small groups using the Little Rock Study Programme.
These usually run for a limited time and are available in both day and evening sessions. The parish endeavors to offer two such programmes each year.


A four week programme which enables participants to discover their God-given gifts and to find the most efficient and rewarding way to use those gifts in the service of God and the community.
Petrie offers several of these programmes each year – the aim being that every member of the community who wishes to may be able to participate.

Ecumenical Planning Group
Planing Group
Our aims are:- Working and praying for unity; Cooperating with initiatives of the Queensland Churches Together; and activating the prayer of Jesus that “all who believe may be one. “

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