Rainbow Connection


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Rainbow Connection was set up in April 2006, we knit, crochet & sew rugs also jumpers, beanies and lots more for those in need overseas and here at home. We are always looking for more helpers and donations of 8 ply acrylic yarn.

At last count we have collected 1,570 rugs & bunny rugs 3,010 jumpers 1,834 beanies. There has been many other items like scarves, shawls, toys, pre loved clothes and lots of love and prayers.

These gifts have gone to Uganda, Tanzania, P.N.G., Ghana, West  Africa, Tonga & Nigeria. Here at home from Burrum Heads down to the Gold Coast and some other churches plus there are many helpers who are anonymous. Thanks to everyone who has helped in anyway, please keep up the good work for these beautiful people.

Other items needed are flannelette, cord, fleecy, material suitable for quilting & patch working materials, unused & used electric blankets.

God Bless you all.
From  Rainbow  Connection & Marie  Trounce

Some Facts About Uganda

Population 25 million 13% urban 81% rural
Life Expectancy 40.4 yrs Males 38.9 yrs Females
Imfant Mortality Rate 137 deaths per 1000 births
Doctor to Patient Ratio 1:26,000
HIV Cases (AIDS) 1.9 million (est)
Access to Safe Water 46% population
Primary School Completion 49% Boys 25% Girls
Secondary School Completion 13% Boys 7% Girls
Main Reason for not attending Primary School Lack of Food
Human Development Index (Ranking out of 160) Australia: 3
Uganda 158
Main Exports Coffee 55% Fish 7.4% Tea 5.3%
Tobacco 4.2% Cotton 1.4% Cut Flowers 1.4%
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